Politev has a wide range of bags ranging from 0.2 m to 8 m, and 20 micron to 400 micron thick. The bags can be received in individual or in accordance with the customer’s preference. These bags can be transparent, black, white or other color as per customer’s requirement.

AA PolyTive specializes in tailoring a unique advantage to customers’ special requirements. In our range of products there are bags with mechanical properties for special uses and special features developed according to customer demand. Among AA’s unique product range. Polyethylenes, Polyethylene bags for use in sealed sheets.

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1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
לכיסוי ירקותשקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
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