AA Politiv (1999) Ltd. was founded in 1985. The company is privately owned.

Ever since it was established, the company has been managed under a high level of self-evaluation aimed at achieving the highest professional levels while emphasizing product quality, innovation and continual progress alongside the quality of the service it delivers to its customers.

Over the years the company has become the leading manufacturer of agricultural films in Israel. It is one of the leading, most well-known companies worldwide. The company’s factory is located in a modern building in Kibbutz Einat, where it manufactures an extensive range of smart films for agriculture and industry with a sizable, versatile manufacturing capacity.

AA Politiv’s production lines are precisely adapted to the market requirements in Israel and worldwide. They are considered to be the state-of-the-art multifilm production lines featuring extremely high precision with a computerized command & control system and a computerized production floor. The raw material feed network into the production lines is computerized with automatic control to prevent errors and ensure that the material composition remains identical between the different production series.

Throughout all the years the company has been in business, Politiv has always upheld reliable, devoted and flexible service while meeting short delivery lead times and maintaining the highest levels of quality and suitability to function for each customer according to their needs. All films are tested and bear the Israeli Standard Seal. They are compliant with international standards (ASTM, ISO). These tests are carried out in a modern laboratory staffed by a skilled team of professionals. The laboratory operates around the clock in parallel with production to ensure the quality of the films. The factory works and produces under a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO-9002 and ISO-14000.

Politiv develops innovative, smart films through close cooperation with the farming community, the agriculture advisors and leading academic research institutions in Israel and worldwide.
The company operates in the international markets and as part of its growth process, Politiv identifies the future markets and takes strategic steps including construction or acquisition of manufacturing plants, diversification of the product line and the setting up of marketing subsidiaries in leading agricultural countries.

This strategy enables Politiv to remain closer to its customers and deliver a better, more efficient solution. As part of this strategy, a plastic film manufacturing plant was purchased in late 2013 in Mexico. As of 2014 this factory has been in full production. The factory, in Mexico City, is home to five-layer production lines, regarded as the most advanced technology in the world, with a per-year production capacity of 17,000 tons. Politiv Mexico serves its customers in Mexico and all of South America.

Besides the acquisition of the factory in Mexico, the company also acquired Meteor in late 2015 – the world-leading company manufacturing agricultural insect-protection screen netting. The company has been integrated into the Politiv Group. Ever since the acquisition, considerable funds and efforts have been invested in the factory to increase its manufacturing capacity and in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for anti-insect netting worldwide.

In recent years modern machines and cutting-edge equipment has been purchased in response to the high demand for the company’s products in Israel and worldwide.
With this purchase, production capacity in all the Group’s factories has reached approximately 58,000 tons per year.

Besides marketing the company’s products in Israel, Politiv Group exports to over 50 countries on all continents. Marketing is done directly by the company through overseas subsidiaries and through various distributors. The company’s main marketing destinations are: United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy, North Europe, East Europe, Africa, Australia, India and many other countries. The company has marketing companies in the United States, Mexico, South Africa, The Netherlands, Spain and India.

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