Nets for Agriculture

Protecting from hail

Hail Nets:

These are nets made of stabilized polyethylene (LiNO) filaments giving the net mechanical strength and structural stability. The nets are used to protect crops and orchards against birds, bats and moths on the one hand, while reducing hail and wind damage on the other hand. The net reduces water consumption by up to 30%.

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1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
לכיסוי ירקותשקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
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