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Laminating Films

Laminating films bond with a solvent adhesive to a broad range of films such as: PS, PET, PP and others. The films are available with corona surface treatment, achieving a high degree of surface polarization, resulting in excellent adhesion between the film and the adhesive.

The second part of the laminating film family of products is laminating films for hot, adhesiveness adhesion. These films can bond with several other films using heat only. They feature exceptionally high flexibility and elasticity.

Advantages of films for lamination:

  • Low temperature welding: this capability enables high-throughput welding, thereby increasing production output.
  • The films contain friction factor-reducing additives, enabling passage of the machine over sharp passages on metal surfaces,
  • Welding capability in packages intended for containing powdered substances: thanks to the additives within the film, the static electricity level is reduced.
  • Easy to tear with and against the machine direction.
  • Welding onto food trays made of a variety of materials.
  • Easy tearing for small condiment packets for sauces, dressings, coffee packets etc.
  • High resistance for high-temperature product packaging without incurring misshaping during the filling process.
  • Tremendous savings due to elimination of the need for adhesives for the heat lamination products.


1.Ketchup and tropical bags with high heat resistance.
2.Bags for soup powders and laundry powders with enhanced soldering ability.
3.Films for packaging wipes with alcohol – high jams for liquids.
4.Films for trays – soldering ability with easy opening.
5.Films for small packages of sauces, coffee, ketchup and more – easy tearing ability.


* Laminate films can be ordered without added tint (transparent), plus tint (as per customer’s requirement, for both marking and opaque shades), opaque white and black.
* Politically, technology exists to produce two-tone films (black / white, black / silver). These films are manufactured according to customer order.

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