To: Avner Golan – CEO, Politiv – My name is Noa. I work on purchasing at Ein Hatzeva Agricultural Association Ltd. We have been working with Politiv for over 10 years and I would like to take this opportunity to express both my satisfaction with your quality products, which provide diverse, creative solutions for all our agricultural crops, and with the service and sales provided by Yossi Elfassi and Sigal Lahav who rise admirably to the challenges and requirements I present them with year after year. I wish you and us all continued work together.



“If our agriculture is here, our homeland is here.” (Moshe Smilanski)

Yossi Elfassi

AA Politiv


Hello Yossi,

I would like to thank you for the good, quick service following the storm that damaged my greenhouses and ripped off their roofs. As always, you responded quickly and provided me the films I needed on short notice. Let me point out that we have been working together many years and I have invariably been receiving good, speedy service and good product quality at all times thanks to your loyal, reliable support!



Yinon Rosenbloom

Moshav Na’ama


Yinon Rosenbloom – agriculture. Moshav Na’ama 90669

Tel. 02-9947457 Mob. 052-5551000 Fax. 02-9409312 [email protected]


To Avner Golan

CEO, AA Politiv

Kibbutz Einat


Dear Friend,

Congratulations and good luck upon your construction of the new netting factory in the Jordan Valley.

Our acquaintance began in 1985 – 35 years ago – while you were setting up your small family business in Raanana.

There you set out producing the simplest, most basic and narrowest polyethylene films on the market.

At the time I left my role as manager of the Amir Zikhron Yaakov branch following promotion to a new assignment at the company headquarters in Tel Aviv.

You and your brother Arie went on to develop your film factory, which is a credit to the State of Israel. Nowadays you sell and market in every corner of the world where advanced agriculture is being practiced.

Meanwhile we too at Amir consolidated our position in the local market, becoming Israel’s largest and company leading the agricultural inputs sector in Israel.

As far as films are concerned, we have enjoyed commercial cooperation and a personal relationship which has bridged and overcome any differences we may have had, has spanned the pitfalls of the rough agriculture market.

In recent years you have acquired the Meteor netting company and together with your polyethylene film factory you occupy a substantial, high-quality part of this market in Israel and worldwide.

I wish us both continued cooperation, good products and prosperous agriculture.

Hody Dor-On

Chief Operating Officer, Branches and Sales

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