Nets for Agriculture

Pest Protection

Anti-Insect Nets:

In a world of intensive agriculture and demands for less spraying, it has become virtually impossible to grow crops in open, unprotected areas. The crops in the open areas are exposed to many pests such as the tobacco moth, thrips and leaf aphids, which lower the crop quality and quality and require frequent spraying.

The crops can be protected and the demand for spraying can be drastically reduced by using woven nets. These are nets made of woven stabilized polyethylene filaments with specific hole sizes which define the net’s mesh, length and width according to customer requirements.

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1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
לכיסוי ירקותשקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
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