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FFS Sleeve

Nowadays most industrial products are packed in FFS sacks, which allow for automatic or manual filling. Applications are in the institutional food industry and in various raw material industries and in potting mixes and soil mixes.

The sleeve comes in several configurations: it can be delivered as individual sacks or in rolls. The products can be printed to a high quality using multiple colors. These sacks are laid on wooden pallets automatically by a robotic arm, untouched by human hands, to be shipped to customers worldwide.

Advantages of Using FFS Sleeves:

  • Fully impervious to liquids, even with products packed in a wet environment.
  • Completely airtight sack.
  • Exceptionally high mechanical properties relative to paper sacks.
  • Tremendous savings on heat energy, which is not needed in this product.
  • Savings on roofed warehousing.
  • The product can be delivered pre-printed, including the customer logo (advertising advantage).
  • Resistant to weather extremes, extreme day and night temperatures, especially during the summer months.
  • Exceedingly rapid packing throughput compared with shrink-wrapping due to the time needed for the heating.


  1. Packaging for manufacturers of various raw materials that get packed in sacks on a pallet
  2. Packaging for the chemical materials industry
  3. Packaging for fertilizer products
  4. Packaging for the concrete industry


* The FFS sleeve can be ordered tint-free (transparent), tinted as per customer requirements and in opaque black and white.

* AA Politiv is capable of manufacturing dual-shade films (black/white, black/silver). These sheets are manufactured to customer order.

* The material can be delivered printed in several colors on both sides of the sleeve.

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