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Cover Films for Growing Tunnels

Greenhouses and high tunnels are structures covered with a solar ray-transmitting film. The structure provides physical protection of the crops against winds, rain, snow and other natural hazards. It also enables interior climate control. The better the climate control inside the structure, and the better the conditions within, the better the quality of the resulting crop will be. Growing inside climate-controlled greenhouses enables production and a supply of vegetables year round – high quality vegetables at reduced use of pesticides.

Basic Properties of the Greenhouse Cover Films:

  • Good Mechanical Properties: the films’ mechanical properties are determined by the film composition and content. All AA Politiv films comply with the requirements of Israeli Standard 821 Part 2.
  • UV Resistance: polyethylene is damaged by the ultraviolet rays (250 to 400 nanometer wavelengths). This damage affects the mechanical properties, which are degraded until eventual failure to transmit light through the film. To prevent or minimize this damage, the right stabilizers need to be added. The types and concentration of stabilizers varies according to the lifetime expected from the film, geographic location and exposure to chemicals.
  • Proper Transmission of Visible Light: visible light is the spectrum required for plant photosynthesis to take place. Visible light transmission can be controlled and planned according to the requirements of the plants, the growing season and the growing location.
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1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
לכיסוי ירקותשקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
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