Sheets for Agriculture

Low tunnels films

Low tunnels enable growing vegetables under protected conditions, extension of the growing season, earlier harvesting during cold seasons and improvement of the crop quality. These films feature very high mechanical strength per thickness, facilitating quick and easy spreading. These films are adapted to the climate, region, type of crop and season and can be ordered with ventilation holes of different sizes and at different intervals in accordance with the needs of your crop.

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מס' קטלוגיתיאור היריעהמעבר אורתוספים תרמייםAFעוביים מיקרוןרוחב מ'גווןהערות
1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
1402שקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
לכיסוי ירקותשקוף מיוצב 90% ×30-1202.1שקוףלכיסוי ירקות
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