Community Outreach

AA Politiv has made community welfare one of its highest values. The company therefore works to apply this principle year-round through generous donations.

Among its activities:

AA Politiv allocates a monthly budget for needy and solitary soldiers. The company regards this population to be of the highest importance as people that serve their country in the face of domestic difficulties. The company therefore works to alleviate some of the pressure through a monthly donation, retail coupons for the Holidays, clothing, furniture etc.

AA Politiv works with New Immigrants experiencing a difficult integration. The company sees the importance of these immigrants in maintaining Israel’s demographic balance but is also aware of how difficult it is to adjust and make a living. The company therefore donates furniture, retail coupons for the Holidays, clothing, etc.


  • For several years now AA Politiv has been donating thousands of school bags for students K-12 from needy families. The students receive new school bags containing the equipment they will be needing for a full school year (pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, folders, erasers, journals, etc.). This is all done in order to level the playing field for the disadvantaged population in Israeli society. By doing so, the company also enlists our next generation’s youngsters to help with this work in order to strengthen their investment in community outreach.
  • Making a dream come true!
  • Little Ido suffers from cancer and wants to be a policeman. Politiv has generously donated toward games and toys to cheer Ido up and to make his dream come true.

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